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About Us
Hard work and humble beginnings have led us to a very promising future.  "
                                                                                         -Stefanie Moul
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Collateral Recovery Team LLC is a repossession company built from hard work and the idea that you are only going to be as good as your weakest component. 
Our company has put compliance at the forefront of our mission.  We strive to ensure all managers, employees and recovery agents put 110% into everything we do. We have seen the repossession industry dramatically change over the last 10 years.  Instead of sitting back to see what would become of it all, we began taking steps to ensure when the dust settled we would be the premier auto recovery company in Texas. Collateral Recovery Team LLC was started with the clients' best interests in mind and we still operate with that in mind every day.  Contact us for more information on the benefits of becoming an industry partner with our team.